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HFCS and Brain Damage
The article posted on the front page, http://www.eatsweatlive.com/2014/high-fr...ges-brain/, is a great article, put out by UCLA.  High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is something I try and avoid at all costs, however its very hard to do at times.  HFCS is in nearly everything out there, however many companies are now branding products that are HFCS "free", as there has been so much backlash on its use over the past few years.  Most soda companies are now removing it from their colas, and reverting back to simple sugar.

I have noticed in my own experiments, that stopping the use of HFCS can produce a real change in body behavior.  Once I stopping drinking sodas, and seeking out HFCS free products, I noticed I started losing weight, but from changing those products. I also had more energy, and had less cravings than I did for sweet products, than when consuming HFCS.

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