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P90X Lean or Regular
Hi!!! My friend just let me borrow her copy of P90X and I noticed there is a "lean" option that appears to be for women. Has anyone done this workout, or is the regular workout better. My friend said she never did the lean version, but I haven't worked out in forever so i'm nervous to jump right in.
I had the same question when I was going to start on P90X. From everything I read, the consensus was to just skip the lean phase and do the regular workout...however to NOT do doubles. This is currently what I am doing in my phase of workouts.
Thanks for the reply. I'm going to just do the regular version...but oh man its tough so far. My arms wanted to fall off when I did chest and back
Thought I would give an update. I did 3 sessions of the regular P90X, and then two sessions of P90X3! It was awesome, I'll post some pics later, but I was able to get literally in the best shape of my life. My husband started doing it with me as well after he saw my results.....

I've been doing regular workouts since my sessions, just maintaining what I was able to create.

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