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Weight Training for Weight Loss
Does anyone know of any weight lifting routines that are also a great cardio workout?  I'm looking to trim up a bit, and I was thinking about trying to increase the intensity of my lifting sessions.  I would love to be able to keep up with my routines, without having to spend a ton of time on the treadmill.
Keep up your intensity, and super and giant sets. I did Beachbody's Body Beast, and its mostly weight workouts, rather than the cardio-ish workouts of the P90X series. if you keep short rests in between your sets, and no rest, and only rest 30 seconds in between exercises, you will loose weight. Just keep up the momentum and intensity, with lots of back to back moves, (think push-pull) you'll be fine.
I would agree with Nick. A few years ago, I condensed my 90 minute workout at the gym down to 45 mins, by eliminating almost all rest. I turned most of the sets into supersets, and simply reduced all of the rest periods. I noticed a big difference in my body fat percentage, as well as my cardio ability. I we sweating like a pig, but was able go get some great results.
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